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Lesson8: Giving, Finance Church Work, Collection, Stewardship, Sharing

Free Online Bible Study Lessons about growing as a disciple of ChristFollowing Jesus Free Online Bible Study Course A, Lesson 8: Giving to support church work, collection, contribution, stewardship, sharing, prosperity, ability, love

Instructions: If you have not done so, please return to our home page and download the text for this lesson. After you have thoroughly studied the lesson, including looking up the Scripture references, you may submit your answers below. Simply type your answers in the appropriate text boxes in the questions. For multiple choice questions, type the letter of the correct answer in the blank. For fill-in-the-blank or short answer questions, write the correct word or words in the blank, etc. When you have answered all questions, fill in the other requested information at the end of this form and click on the "submit" button.

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May God bless your study of His word.

Giving to Support Church Work

Quiz on Following Jesus -- Course A, Lesson #8

*1* How much did Israel give? (a) everything, (b) a tithe (one tenth), (c) 20%; (d) no amount was specified. Answer: .

*2&3* What did Jesus do with the two covenants? Answer: Jesus took away the covenant and established the .

*4* How should churches obtain funds? (a) bingo and raffles, (b) bake sales and rummages, (c) a collection on the first day of the week. Answer: .

*5* How should each member determine how much to give? Answer: Each member should give as he has .

*6* How did each person determine how much to give? Answer: Each person gave according to (in proportion to) his .

*7* In what work did the church in Philippi have fellowship (share)? (a) they operated a college, (b) they sent money to support Paul as a preacher, (c) they built a hospital, (d) they invested in the stock market. Answer: .

*8* What did this local church use money for? (a) help needy members, (b) elect a politician, (c) build a gym, (d) buy an organ. Answer: .

*9* Who owns all things on earth? Who gave us "our possessions"? Answer: The earth and everything on it belong to .

*10* Who gave according to his ability? Answer: Each gave according to his ability.

*11* On the first day who should give as prospered? Answer: Paul said, " of you" should give.

*12* Who will judge us for our stewardship in giving? Answer: We must all appear before the judgment seat of .

*13* When should we give to the church? (a) every day, (b) once a year, (c) three times a week, (d) on the first day of the week. Answer: .

*14* How should we give according to this verse? We should (a) give as we purposed, (b) give a little of whatever we happen to have with us, (c) we must always give 10% of our income. Answer: .

*15* Who decided how much these people would give? (a) the preacher, (b) the elders, (c) each disciple determined for himself. Answer: .

*16&17* How did the Father express His love for us? Answer: God so loved the world that He His only begotten .

*18* What is the connection between our giving and love? Answer: Our giving proves the sincerity of our .

*19* What kind of gifts does God give to people? Answer: Every good and perfect comes from God.

*20* What must we do to reap bountifully? Answer: To reap bountifully we must bountifully.

*21* How should we give? (a) cheerfully, (b) grudgingly, (c) unwillingly, (d) of necessity, (e) all of the preceding. Answer: .

*22&23* What results in the greatest blessing to us? Answer: It is more blessed to than to .

*24* What sacrifice did Jesus make for us? Answer: Jesus gave His for us.

*25* Who else gave sacrificially as an example to us? (a) the Pharisees, (b) the Macedonians, (c) Ananias and Sapphira, (d) no one. Answer: .

*26* How much of what she had did the poor widow give? Answer: She gave of what she had.

*27* What should be our greatest priority in life? (a) mammon (riches), (b) gaining the world, (c) God's kingdom and righteousness. Answer: .

*28* Why did the Macedonians give generously? Answer: The Macedonians first gave to the Lord.

Personal application questions:

(These questions are for you to ponder. Your answers will help us understand your thinking, however they will not affect your "score.")

*29* How important do you consider the work of the local church to be?

*30* How would you describe your own attitude toward giving to support the local church?

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