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Lesson5: Care of Widows; Stephen, Martyred Gospel Preacher

Book of Acts Bible Study Lessons - Course AThe Book of Acts - Course A, Lesson 5: free Bible study lessons; The church cared for needy widows by contributions. Persecution led to the death of Stephen as a martyr for gospel preaching.

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May God bless your study of His word.

Lesson 5

Quiz on Problems Inside & Outside the Church - Acts 6&7

*1* What problem did the church face? Answer: Some Grecian were neglected in the daily distribution.

*2* What solution did the apostles reveal to solve the problem? Answer: They said to appoint (give a number) men to watch over the matter.

*3* What work did the apostles themselves continue to emphasize? (a) making new laws, (b) prayer and the word, (c) recreation and sports. Answer: .

*4* What work did Stephen do? (a) started a monastery, (b) blessed the holy water, (c) did miracles and disputed with false teachers. Answer: .

*5* How effective was his teaching? Answer: People could not resist the of his speech.

*6* How did his opponents deal with Stephen (v13)? Answer: They had testify against him.

*7* What Old Testament character did Stephen begin describing? (a) Moses, (b) David, (c) Eve, (d) Abraham, (e) all the preceding. Answer: .

*8* What command did God give him (v3)? Answer: He was to leave his country and go to a land that God would him.

*9* What promise did God make to him (vv4,5)? Answer: He promised to give the land of Canaan to his .

*10* What covenant did God make with him (v8)? (a) circumcision, (b) the 10 Commands, (c) the sabbath day, (d) the rainbow. Answer: .

*11&12* What did Joseph's brothers do to him, and what did God do? Answer: His brothers sold him into , but God made him of the land.

*13* What caused Joseph's brothers to go to Egypt? (a) they were lost, (b) a famine, (c) they went to fight a war, (d) a religious pilgrimage. Answer: .

*14* Whom did Joseph then bring to live in Egypt with him? Answer: He brought his father (named) and his relatives went to Egypt.

*15* How did a later Egyptian king treat the Israelites? (a) he mistreated (dealt treacherously with) them, (b) he made slaves of them, (c) he caused the death of their babies, (d) all the preceding. Answer: .

*16* Who was eventually born? (a) Jesus, (b) Peter, (c) Moses. Answer: .

*17* Who brought him up as though he were her own son? Answer: Moses was brought up by . (Note: Watch your spelling carefully here. Check the spelling in your Bible, if necessary.)

*18* What attempts did Moses make to help the Israelites? Answer: He killed an and tried to reconcile two Israelites.

*19* Where did he go when he realized his deed was known? (a) Midian (Madian), (b) Jerusalem, (c) Rome, (d) all the preceding. Answer: .

*20* How did God appear to Moses? (a) as a woman, (b) in a cloud, (c) in a dream, (d) in a bush that burned but was not consumed. Answer: .

*21* What did God instruct Moses to do for the Israelites? Answer: God wanted Moses to deliver Israel from .

*22* Whom did Moses predict that God would later raise up? Answer: Moses predicted God would send a like Moses.

*23* Where did God speak to Moses (v38)? Answer: God spoke to Moses at Mt. .

*24* What did Israel worship (vv39-43)? (a) a calf, (b) images, (c) the host of heaven, (d) all the preceding. Answer: .

*25* God instructed Moses to make the tabernacle in what way? Answer: He made the tabernacle according to the God had showed him.

*26* What did Solomon build? (a) an idol, (b) a temple to God, (c) the city of Rome, (d) all the preceding. Answer: .

*27* How did Israel treat the prophets that God sent them? Answer: The Jews had the prophets.

*28* What application did Stephen make to the Jews of his day? Answer: The Jews disobeyed the law and murdered the .

*29* What did the Jews do to Stephen for his message (v58)? Answer: They cast him out of the city and him.

*30* What did he see in heaven? Answer: He saw Jesus standing (where?) at the of God.

*31* What plea did he make on behalf of his murderers? Answer: He asked the Lord to not charge them with this .

Personal application questions:

*32* Should church supervision be local or centralized?

*33* How common is disobedience among God's people?

*34* Should Christians show other people their errors, even in religion?

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