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Free Bible study PowerPoint charts for sermons and articles
Free PowerPoint Bible Study and Sermon Presentation Charts

PowerPoint charts and slides to accompany and illustrate our free Bible study sermons and articles for preaching and teaching.

Free Bible study PowerPoint charts for sermons and preachingListed below are free Bible study PowerPoint slides for projection and presentation with the associated sermons and articles.

Written by David E. Pratte.

These copyrighted PowerPoint charts may be displayed or projected under the following conditions:

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Charts on Books of the Bible

Hosea - Videos / PPt
Joel - Videos / PPt
Amos - Videos / PPt
Obadiah - Videos / PPt
Jonah - Videos / PPt
Micah- Videos / PPt
Nahum- Videos / PPt
Habakkuk- Videos / PPt
Zephaniah - Videos / PPt
Haggai - Videos / PPt
Zechariah - Videos / PPt
Malachi - Videos / PPt
1 Thessalonians - Videos / PPt
2 Thessalonians - Videos / PPt
1 Timothy - Videos / PPt
2 Timothy - Videos / PPt
Titus - Videos / PPt
Philemon - Videos / PPt


Bible Study Articles and Charts

Abortion Laws Article / PPt
Baptism: What Is Proper Baptism? Article / PPt
Bible Preservation and Accuracyy Article / PPt
Church of Jesus: Unique and Unequaled - Article / PPt
Consensus Thinking: Mainstream / Majority - Article / PPt
Consequence of the Cross - Article / PPt
Creation as a Miracle - Article / PPt
Divine vs. Human Religious Authority - Article / PPt
Dying Words of Unbelievers - Article / PPt
Emotions in Religion - Article / PPt
Eternal Life - Article / PPt
Every Part Doing Its Share - Article / PPt
Evolution: Why Believe It? - Article / PPt
Faith: What Must We Believe? - Article / PPt
Fatherhood: Absent Fathers / Confused Roles - Article / PPt
Fellowship with Error - Article / PPt
Finding Fault with God - Article / PPt
Forgiving Others: What Does It Mean? - Article / PPt
Gambling: Moral or Immoral? Article / PPt
Glorifying God- Article / PPt
Gnostic Gospels and Canon of Scripture- Article / PPt
God's Eternal Purpose Article / PPt
Grace and Mercy of God Article / PPt
Have You Been Crucified with Christ? Article / PPt
He's My Brother: Brotherly Love Article / PPt
How Many Ways to Salvation? Article / PPt
How to Convince Unbelievers Article / PPt
How to Know the Bible Is True Article / PPt
Hope Article / PPt
Increasing and Abounding in Good Works Article / PPt
Individual Moral Responsibility Article / PPt
Influence: Good or Bad Article / PPt
Jesus: Creator and Preserver Article / PPt
Jesus Is Your Savior - Article / PPt
Judging Righteous Judgment - Article / PPt
Judgment Day: Prepartion or Procrastination - Article / PPt
Justice: Bible Justice or Perverted Justice - Article / PPt
Long Ages and Bible History - Article / PPt
Marriage: Leave and Cleave - Article / PPt
Marxism / Communism or the Gospel? - Article / PPt
Persecution: Handling It - Article / PPt
Pleasing Men or God - Article / PPt
Priests and Priesthood - Article / PPt
Purpose and Meaning of Life - Article / PPt
Race Relationships - Article / PPt
Rejoicing in the Lord - Article / PPt
Resurrection: Founders of Faith - Article / PPt
Resurrection: What It Means - Article / PPt
Scripture: How Did Jesus View It?- Article / PPt
Security: Things that Guard It- Article / PPt
Seeking the Lord - Article / PPt
Sin: What It Does for You - Article / PPt
Testing by God - Article / PPt
Transgenderism, Gender in the Bible - Article / PPt
Trust, Evidence, and Forgiveness - Article / PPt
Trusting God and Action - Article / PPt
Truth: How Important Is It? - Article / PPt
Victory in Jesus - Article / PPt
Works and Salvations - Article / PPt

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