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Lesson6: Sorcery vs. Miracles, Saul's Conversion, Eunuch's Baptism

Book of Acts Bible Study Lessons - Course AThe Book of Acts - Course A, Lesson 6: Free Bible study lessons; Occult sorcery vs. true miracles in Samaria; the apostles gave spiritual gifts by laying on hands. The conversion of Saul and the baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch.

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May God bless your study of His word.

Lesson 6

Quiz on Persecution Helps Spread the Gospel - Acts 8,9

*1* Who arrested and imprisoned the disciples? (a) Peter, (b) Saul, (c) Mohammed, (d) Pharaoh, (e) all the preceding. Answer: .

*2* What did the disciples do when they were scattered (v4)? Answer: The disciples went everywhere preaching the .

*3* What miracles did Philip do? (a) casting out demons, (b) healing paralyzed people, (c) healing lame people, (d) all the preceding. Answer: .

*4* How had Simon fooled the people? Answer: Simon used sorcery to convince them he had great from God.

*5* What resulted from Philip's work (v12,13)? (a) people believed, (b) people were baptized, (c) Simon was baptized (d) all the preceding. Answer: .

*6* Who came to Samaria from Jerusalem? (a) Jesus (b) John the Baptist, (c) Peter and John, (d) all the preceding. Answer: .

*7* How did the Samaritans receive the Holy Spirit? Answer: The apostles laid their on the Samaritans.

*8* What sin did Simon commit? Answer: He tried to buy the power to give people the .

*9* How did Peter describe him? (a) his heart was not right. (b) wicked, (c) bitterness, (d) iniquity, (e) he would perish, (f) all the preceding. Answer: .

*10&11* What was he told to do to be forgiven of his sin? Answer: Peter told Simon to and for forgiveness.

*12* Whom did Philip find on the road to Gaza? Answer: Philip met a treasurer from the land of .

*13* What was this man doing as he returned from Jerusalem? Answer: He was reading from the prophet .

*14* About whom did Philip preach to the treasurer? (a) Peter, (b) Moses, (c) Jesus, (d) John the Baptist, (e) all the preceding. Answer: .

*15* What did the treasurer want to do as a result? Answer: He asked what hindered him from being .

*16* What did he have to do first? (V37 - this may be in a footnote). Answer: He confessed that he believed Jesus Christ to be the .

*17* How is baptism described? (a) they went down into the water, (b) Philip baptized him, (c) they came up out of the water, (d) all of these. Answer: .

*18* Why did Saul go to Damascus? (a) to capture Christians, (b) to worship Christ, (c) to see relics, (d) to attend a "Christian rock concert." Answer: .

*19* Who appeared to him as he traveled? Answer: appeared to Saul from a bright, shining light.

*20* What disability did he receive as a result? Answer: As a result Saul was struck with .

*21* What did Saul do as he waited in Damascus (v11)? (a) rejoiced, (b) prayed, (c) celebrated, (d) all the preceding. Answer: .

*22* What task did the Lord say he had for Saul to do? Answer: Saul would bear Jesus' to Gentiles, kings, etc.

*23* What did Saul do as soon as his sight was restored? Answer: Immediately Saul arose and was .

*24* What effect did Saul's preaching have? Answer: People were because he formerly opposed the gospel.

*25* How did he escape those who tried to kill him? Answer: He was let down through the wall in a .

*26* What did Saul try to do at Jerusalem? (a) commit suicide, (b) convert back to Judaism, (c) join the disciples, (d) deny Jesus. Answer: .

*27* Who explained to the apostles about his conversion? Answer: told the apostles how Saul had been converted.

*28* Why did Saul eventually leave Jerusalem? Answer: He fled because again people tried to him.

Personal application questions:

*29* Do you believe a child of God can so sin as to be eternally lost?

*30* Is baptism an immersion, sprinkling, or pouring?

*31* Can prayer save an unbaptized sinner?

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