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Lesson6: Paul's Arrest, Preaching Righteousness/Self-Control/Judgment

Book of Acts Bible Study Lessons - Course B
The Book of Acts - Course B, Lesson 6: Free online Bible study lessons; Paul's persecution and arrest; Preaching about righteousness, judgment, self-control; Jesus' resurrection

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May God bless your study of His word.

Paul's Court Hearings - Acts 23:11-26:32

Quiz on Lesson 6

*1* Forty Jews vowed not to eat or drink till they did what? (a) became Christians, (b) killed Paul, (c) destroyed the Bible, (d) all of these. Answer: .

*2* Who discovered the plot and warned Paul and the commander? Answer: The plot was revealed by Paul's .

*3* How did the commander plan to save Paul? Answer: He sent Paul with an escort to the governor at .

*4* How did he inform the governor about Paul's case? (a) he sent a letter, (b) he sent Paul's nephew, (c) he sent an e-mail, (d) none of these. Answer: .

*5* Who spoke for the Jews to state their case against Paul. Answer: The Jews' case was presented by .

*6* What accusations did he make? He said Paul was guilty of (a) causing dissension, (b) ringleader of the Nazarene sect, (c) profaning the temple, (d) all of these. Answer: .

*7* What did Paul say about the evidence against him (v13)? Answer: The Jews could not their accusations against him.

*8* What did he believe (v14)? (a) the Koran, (b) the Nicene Creed, (c) the law and the prophets, (d) all the preceding. Answer: .

*9* What hope did he share in common with the Jews (v15)? Answer: He hoped for a of the just and the unjust.

*10* What kind of conscience did Paul have? Answer: He said he had a conscience before God and man.

*11* What one thing might the Jewish council have against him (v21)? Answer: He said he was on trial because of the of the dead.

*12,13&14* What did Paul teach Felix about? Answer: He taught about , , and to come.

*15* How did Felix respond to Paul's message. (a) he was baptized immediately, (b) he ridiculed the message, (c) he was afraid but postponed acting. Answer: .

*16* Why did the Jews want Paul brought to Jerusalem for trial? Answer: The Jews intended to Paul on the way to Jerusalem.

*17* When Festus wanted to send him there, what did Paul do? Answer: Seeing that he received no justice, Paul appealed to .

*18* Who came to Caesarea to visit with Festus? (a) Jesus, (b) Agrippa and Bernice, (c) John the Baptist, (d) Mohammed and Buddha. Answer: .

*19* What did Festus say was the purpose of the hearing (vv 26,27)? Answer: He needed to write to Caesar stating the against Paul.

*20* What sect was Paul a member of before his conversion (v5)? Answer: He lived as a , the strictest sect of their religion.

*21* What issue did Paul raise in v8? (a) the resurrection, (b) baptism, (c) the Book of Mormon, (d) predestination, (e) all the preceding. Answer: .

*22* What had been Paul's original attitude toward Jesus (v9)? Answer: Paul believed he should do things contrary to the name of .

*23&24* Why did Jesus appear to Paul on the road to Damascus (v16)? Answer: Jesus appeared to make Paul a and a .

*25* What did Paul teach people to do (v20)? Answer: He taught them to repent and do works suitable to or that would prove their .

*26&27* What had the prophets said about the Christ? Answer: They said the Christ must and then rise from the .

*28* How did Festus react to Paul's message? (a) he was baptized, (b) he ignored it, (c) he called Paul mad, (d) he prayed for forgiveness. Answer: .

*29* What did Agrippa say Paul was trying to do? Answer: Paul was trying to persuade Agrippa to be a .

*30* What did Festus and Agrippa conclude about Paul's guilt? Answer: Paul had done nothing worthy of or chains.

Personal application questions:

(These questions are for you to ponder. Your answers will help us understand your thinking, however they will not affect your "score.")

*31* Are you ready for the judgment to come?

*32* Will all sincere religious people be saved?

*33* Are you almost or altogether a Christian?

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