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Lesson7: Attending Church Meetings - Unity, Priority, Strength, Faith

Free Online Bible Study Lessons about growing as a disciple of ChristFollowing Jesus Free Online Bible Study Course A, Lesson 7: Attending church meetings, proper priorities, dedication, unity, strength, growth, faith, sacrifice, devotion

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May God bless your study of His word.

Attending Church Meetings - Part 2

Quiz on Following Jesus -- Course A, Lesson #7

*1* Who has authority in the home? (a) children should obey parents, (b) wives should submit to husbands, (c) both of the preceding. Answer: .

*2* How should citizens in a nation treat their rulers? Answer: Citizens should to the authority of (the ordinances made by) civil rulers.

*3* Who should shepherd and oversee a local church? (a) the members, (b) elders, (c) the Pope, (d) the church synod. Answer: .

*4&5* What should members do toward those who rule over them? Answer: Members should and to those who rule over them.

*6* How many members must do their share so the body can grow and build itself up? (a) a few, (b) none, (c) some, (d) all of them. Answer: .

*7&8* What is the greatest command, and what will it lead us to do? Answer: We must God, which means we keep His .

*9* How does this describe the way we should work? Answer: Be steadfast, unmovable, always in work of the Lord.

*10* What will God do with one who is lukewarm? Answer: God will the lukewarm member out of His mouth.

*11* What should be our top priority in life? Answer: We should seek first God's kingdom and His .

*12* How did Jesus feel about His sacrifice on the cross? (a) He despised the shame, (b) He enjoyed it, (c) He felt nothing at all. Answer: .

*13&14* What does Jesus require a disciple to be willing to deny and lose? Answer: A disciple must deny and be willing to lose his .

*15* What should a Christian do with his body? Answer: The body should be presented to God as a living or holy .

*16* What sacrifice is offered by those in God's spiritual house? (a) none, (b) praise from our lips, (c) worship should always be pleasant. Answer: .

*17* How could Paul and the Romans help one another? Answer: They were encouraged by each other's .

*18&19* What should we do for one another? Answer: We should and one another.

*20* How can we help one another with our sins? (a) we can't help, (b) priests can forgive sins, (c) we can pray for one another. Answer: .

*21* What are the advantages of two being together? Answer: Two are better than .

*22&23* In what ways should Christians grow? Answer: We should grow in the and of the Lord.

*24* Why do babies need milk? Answer: Babies need milk so they can .

*25* What can the body (church) help us do? (a) know the Son, (b) not be children, (c) not be led away by false doctrine, (d) all of these. Answer: .

*26* What danger are we warned about? Answer: We may drift away and neglect our great .

*27* What can help us avoid falling into sin like Israel did (see vv 7-11)? Answer: We should one another daily.

*28* What should God's people do to avoid falling? (a) worship and bow to Him, (b) go fishing, (c) sleep in, (d) watch TV. Answer: .

*29&30* What can we do to help one another avoid wavering? Answer: We can stir one another up to and good .

*31* When and where do we exhort or stir one another up? Answer: We exhort or encourage one another when we are together.

*32* How often should we do good? (a) once a week, (b) once a day, (c) as we have opportunity, (d) never. Answer: .

*33* What should we do with our time? (a) waste it, (b) redeem it (use it wisely), (c) use it to please ourselves, (d) use it to please friends. Answer: .

Personal application questions:

(These questions are for you to ponder. Your answers will help us understand your thinking, however they will not affect your "score.")

*34* When the elders in a local church schedule times for the church to worship and study, what do you believe members should do?

*35* What is your most important goal in life?

*36* Do you believe attending church meetings should make a Christian stronger?

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