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Lesson4: Bible Understandable, Complete Guide, not Creeds, Traditions

Jesus Is Lord Free Online Bible Study CourseJesus Is Lord Lesson 4 - Free online Bible study course: Is Scripture understandable, complete, and accurately preserved? Why follow it instead of human creeds, traditions, family religion, or feelings?

Instructions: If you have not done so, please return to our home page and download the text for this lesson. After you have thoroughly studied the lesson, including looking up the Scripture references, you may submit your answers below. Simply type your answers in the appropriate text boxes in the questions. For multiple choice questions, type the letter of the correct answer in the blank. For fill-in-the-blank or short answer questions, write the correct word or words in the blank, etc. When you have answered all questions, fill in the other requested information at the end of this form and click on the "submit" button.

Please note that your answers will be graded by our computer. The computer recognizes different answers according to the wording of the translations recommended on our menu page. Nevertheless, for short answer questions, answer as closely as possible to the wording of the Bible and/or the lesson text. If you add extra words or explanation, the computer may not recognize your answer. Misspelled words may also confuse the computer, so spell words exactly as they are found in the Bible. The computer may find and ask you to check some misspellings, but we do not assure this. Capitalization does not matter.

After you click on the "submit" button, you will be shown a page that indicates which answers are correct and which ones (if any) are incorrect. Your score will also be shown. If any answers are incorrect, you will be given an opportunity to return to this page and correct them. When you are ready to leave the lesson (whether or not your score is 100%), you will be given an opportunity to record your answers and then see and save the correct answers.

If, after completing the lesson, you have questions about the answers to any questions or about the grade you received, please click on the following link and carefully read the FAQ about our grading system.

May God bless your study of His word.

How Can We Learn Jesus’ Will?

Quiz on Jesus Is Lord — Lesson #4

*1&2* What did Jesus say the Spirit of truth would do for the apostles? Answer: The Spirit would them into truth.

*3* How can people believe in Jesus even when they have not seen Him? (a) they can’t believe, (b) they need a modern-day prophet, (c) they can believe by reading what the inspired men wrote in the Bible. Answer: .

*4* What blessing can people receive if they believe what is written? Answer: By believing we can have in His name.

*5* What did Paul do with the knowledge revealed to him? (a) he wrote it down, (b) he kept it a secret, (c) it is still an unknown mystery. Answer: .

*6* How can other people learn what Paul knew? Answer: We can understand when we what he wrote.

*7* Whose commands did Paul write? Answer: Paul wrote the commands of the .

*8* How much of God’s will did Paul teach to others? (a) he kept back parts that were needed, (b) he preached the whole counsel of God, (c) there were important truths that he never even received. Answer: .

*9* How much of God’s will had people in Peter’s lifetime received? Answer: They received things pertaining to life and godliness.

*10* For what purposes are the Scriptures profitable? (a) teaching and instructing us in righteousness, (b) reproving and correcting us, (c) completely providing all good works, (d) all the preceding. Answer: .

*11* If the Scriptures provide us to all good works, then do we need some standard of religious authority in addition to the Bible? (yes or no) Answer: .

*12* What did Jesus expect his hearers to do? Answer: They were supposed to hear and .

*13* How did these people determine whether or not the things they heard were true? (a) they searched the Scriptures daily, (b) they needed a college education, (c) they needed a priest to explain it to them. Answer: .

*14* God is not the author of what? Answer: .

*15* Peter was writing so that people would have a record of his teachings after he died. What would this message do for them? Answer: It would them of the apostles’ commands.

*16* By what standard will men be judged? (a) by their own consciences, (b) by the teachings of their priests, (c) by Jesus’ words. Answer: .

*17* What is the seed by which we are born again? Answer: We are born again by the incorruptible seed, which is the of God.

*18* How long will God’s word endure? (a) forever, (b) 2 generations, (c) like a plant that grows then dies, it was lost in the middle ages. Answer: .

*19* How long will the truth be with us? Answer: The truth will be with us .

*20* When is a woman free from her husband? (a) when she divorces him, (b) when she becomes a Christian, (c) when he dies. Answer: .

*21* What is our relation to the law? (a) we are subject to it, (b) we are freed from it and joined to Christ, (c) we should still keep parts of it. Answer:

*22&23* What did Jesus do to these two covenants? Answer: He the first and the second.

*24&25* What did Christ do to the handwriting of ordinances? Answer: He took it nailing it to His .

*26* Should we let people judge us for not keeping the sabbath? (yes or no) Answer: .

*27* How does Jesus describe our worship if it is based on human doctrine (v9) ? (a) it is vain, (b) it is acceptable, (c) it doesn’t matter. Answer: .

*28* What is the condition of one who preaches a different gospel? Answer: He is .

*29* What happens to someone who teaches things not found in the teachings that come from Jesus? Answer: He does not have .

*30* If our family is involved in practices not found in the gospel, should we still practice as they do? (yes or no) Answer: .

*31* Even before his conversion, Paul was sincere and had a good conscience. At that time was he (a) right, (b) wrong, (c) it didn’t matter? Answer: .

*32* Should we accept what our preacher says if he cannot show it in the Bible? (yes or no) Answer: .

Personal application questions:

(These questions are for you to ponder. Your answers will help us understand your thinking, however they will not affect your "score.")

*33* Do you believe we need any source of religious authority other than the Bible?

*34* What conclusion do you believe we should reach about religious doctrines or practices that are not found in the Bible?

*35* What do you believe about Old Testament practices that are not included in the New Testament?

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