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Mark Lesson 7: Teaching about Pride, Divorce, Wealth

Free online Bible study course on the Gospel of MarkGospel of Mark Free Online Bible Study Course Lesson 7: Jesus' teaching about pride, divorce, wealth, causing others to stumble, humility, greatness in the kingdom

by Gary Fisher

Instructions: If you have not done so, please return to our home page and download the text for this lesson. After you have thoroughly studied the lesson, including looking up the Scripture references, you may submit your answers below. Simply type your answers in the appropriate text boxes in the questions. For multiple choice questions, type the letter of the correct answer in the blank. For fill-in-the-blank or short answer questions, write the correct word or words in the blank, etc. When you have answered all questions, fill in the other requested information at the end of this form and click on the "submit" button.

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May God bless your study of His word.

Jesus Accepts the Lowly

Quiz on Lesson #7

*1&2* What did Jesus predict was going to happen to Him? Answer: Men would Him, but on the third day He would from the dead.

*3* About what subject were the disciples arguing? Answer: They disputed about which of them was the .

*4&5* What did Jesus say one should do, if he wants to be first of all (v35)? Answer: He should be the of all and the of all.

*6* What had John tried to stop someone else from doing? Answer: Someone was casting out .

*7* A person would be better drowned in the sea rather than to do what? Answer: It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone around the neck rather than to cause someone to .

*8* What lesson is taught by Jesus' statements about cutting off a hand, foot, or eye? a) if we pray, He will miraculously restore the missing member; b) He doesn't care if we suffer; c) we should be willing to make great sacrifices to avoid the consequences of sin; d) we won't miss the body part anyway. Answer: .

*9* What principle did Jesus use to forbid divorce (v9)? Answer: What God has joined together, man should not .

*10* In what circumstance did Jesus allow divorce and remarriage (Matt. 19:9)? a) when one of the partners no longer loves the other; b) when there is abuse; c) when one divorces a spouse because he/she committed fornication; d) when irreconcilable differences exist. Answer: .

*11* If a man or woman divorces his/her spouse (not for fornication) and remarries, what did Jesus say about the remarriage (v11,12)? Answer: It is .

*12* Whom did the disciples try to stop from coming to Jesus? a) Pharisees; b) children; c) sinners; d) tax collectors. Answer: .

*13* What reason did Jesus give why He wanted to receive children? a) He wanted to baptize them; b) He wanted to give them candy and ice cream; c) He hoped their parents would give Him money; d) the kingdom of God belongs to people who are like little children. Answer: .

*14* What did the rich man want Jesus to tell him? Answer: He wanted to know what he should do to inherit .

*15* What was the rich man's reaction when Jesus told him that he needed to sell all and give the money to the poor? Answer: He went away .

*16* How many things in our lives that we refuse to repent of does it take to keep us from pleasing God? (a) none, (b) one, (c) we must do more evil than we do good, (d) the Bible does not say. Answer: .

*17&18* What did James and John want Jesus to do for them? Answer: They wanted to sit one at Jesus' and the other at His in His glory (kingdom).

*19* According to Jesus, how can you become great in the kingdom? a) attend the biggest church with the most beautiful building; b) give lots of money; c) take a high position of authority in the church; d) humble yourself and serve others. Answer: .

*20* What was the name of the blind man Jesus healed (v46)? a) Peter; b) Bartimaeus; c) Thomas; d) Andrew. Answer: .

*21* What did the blind man keep calling Jesus (v48)? Answer: He called Him .

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(c) Copyright 1999, Gary Fisher

* These lessons used by permission. Adaptations in the questions have been made by David Pratte with the permission of the author.

To contact the author, write to
Gary Fisher, 8980 Crawford Ct., New Salisbury, IN 47161

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