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Mark Lesson 8: Jesus' Triumphal Entry, Cleansing Temple

Free online Bible study course on the Gospel of MarkGospel of Mark Free Online Bible Study Course Lesson 8: Jesus' Triumphal Entry, cleansing the temple, teaching about authority, taxes, love, giving, and true greatness.

by Gary Fisher

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May God bless your study of His word.

Jesus vs. Jewish Leaders

Quiz on Lesson 8

*1* What did Jesus ride when He entered Jerusalem? (a) a horse, (b) a boat, (c) a chariot, (d) a donkey colt. Answer: .

*2* As Jesus entered Jerusalem what did the crowd not do? a) put their clothes in the road; b) shout praises; c) try to prevent Him from entering the city; d) lay leafy branches in His path. Answer: .

*3* What was on the fig tree that Jesus saw? a) figs; b) leaves, but no figs; c) neither figs nor leaves; d) rotten figs. Answer: .

*4* Whom did Jesus expel from the temple? a) money changers and animals sellers; b) priests; c) harlots and murderers; d) Gentiles. Answer: .

*5* What was the main problem with the money changing and animal sales? a) it was always wrong to sell animals and change money; b) they were cheating people in the transactions; c) these activities weren't a part of God's purpose for the temple; d) there was no problem with it. Answer: .

*6*&7 When Jesus asked the Jewish leaders about John's baptism, what two choices did He give for its origin? Answer: He asked whether it came from or from .

*8* Why did Jesus refuse to answer the Jewish leaders' question? Answer: They proved they were dishonest because they refused to His question.

*9* What did the renters not do to the ones sent to collect the fruit? a) mistreat; b) beat; c) kill; d) give the fruit. Answer: .

*10* Jesus spoke this parable to rebuke whom? a) His disciples, b) the religious leaders of the Jews, c) Old Testament prophets, d) no one. Answer: .

*11* In the Scripture about the stone rejected by the builders, the stone referred to whom (see also Acts 4:11)? Answer: The stone was , who was rejected by the Jews' religious leaders.

*12* What question was Jesus asked (v14)? Answer: Is it lawful to to Caesar.

*13&14* What answer did Jesus give (v17)? Answer: Render to Caesar the things that are and to God the things that are .

*15* What did the Sadducees believe? Answer: They believed there is no .

*16* How did Jesus answer their question about marriage? Answer: He said that, when we rise from the dead, there will be no .

*17* How did Jesus prove the Sadducees' belief about resurrection was wrong? Answer: He quoted a passage in which God said, "I am the of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob," even after those men were dead

*18&19* What did Jesus say are the greatest commands? Answer: The greatest command is to God, and the second greatest is to your neighbor as yourself.

*20* How did Jesus show that the Jewish leaders misunderstood the Christ? Answer: They thought the Christ would just be David's son (i.e., He would be human), but Jesus quoted a passage showing He would also be David's (i.e., He would be Divine).

*21* How did Jesus' view of giving differ from that of most religious leaders then and now? He said the most important thing is: a) how much we give, b) the attitude with which we give, c) we must give a tenth, d) we must give as much as others give. Answer: .

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(c) Copyright 1999, Gary Fisher

* These lessons used by permission. Adaptations in the questions have been made by David Pratte with the permission of the author.

To contact the author, write to
Gary Fisher, 8980 Crawford Ct., New Salisbury, IN 47161

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