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Conversion: Salvation and Forgiveness - Free Bible Study Course
Conversion, Salvation, and Forgiveness: Free Bible Study Course

Free Online Bible Study Lessons about Conversion and Forgiveness of Sins through the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Conversion/Salvation from Sin - Free Online Bible Study LessonsA Bible study lesson series about forgiveness and salvation from sin. Learn about the nature of sin, God's grace, Jesus' sacrifice, conversion, faith, repentance, confession, baptism, faithfulness, and the church. How does one become a Christian, a disciple of Jesus?

Bible course prepared by David E. Pratte

How to Study Our Online Bible Study Lessons

1. From the menu below, click on the link for each lesson (choose HTML or PDF format), then print out the lesson or save it to your computer. (Use your browser or reader's "save" or "print" menu item.) Click here for a free Adobe PDF reader.

2. Go off the Internet and study each lesson looking up the Scriptures in your Bible. (To study a lesson on computer, open the saved lesson in your browser or PDF reader.) Be sure to read the lesson carefully and study the passages the lesson says to read. Write down on paper your answers to the questions.

3. Return to the menu on this page, click on the link for the quiz, and follow the directions to submit your answers . The computer will grade your answers and show your grade. This completes your lesson.

4. Repeat the previous steps for each lesson in each course.

 Please study the courses and lessons in order and complete all lessons in a course before moving on to another course (the computer will ask!). Thank you for your cooperation. Click here to see the list of courses.

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"Conversion from Sin" Free Online Bible Study Lessons

Lesson Title

Lesson Text


Lesson 1: Sin's Consequences and God's Grace




Lesson 2: Conditions for Forgiveness - Hearing, Faith, and Repentance 




Lesson 3: Conditions for Forgiveness - Confession and Baptism




Lesson 4: The Importance and Requirements of Faithfulness




Lesson 5:  The Church in Conversion; Motives and Accountability


PDF- #5


Lesson 6: The Choice - Counting the Cost and the Consequences




We urge you look up each reference in your own Bible. However, if necessary you can find a Bible text online by clicking on this link: Bible texts. (We recommend using one of the following translations: King James, New King James, American Standard, New American Standard. We cannot program the computer to recognize all translations, so use of other translations may cause the compute to reject an answer!)

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